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Studying Tips and Study Guides

Compiled list of effective studying resources. Learn how to study.

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  • Effective Studying Tips
    Provides helpful ways to study successfully and improve your grades.

  • General Study Guide
    Acquiring effective study habits in 5 easy steps.

  • Help With Your Studies
    Provides help with improving concentration, managing test anxiety, exams, memory strategies and many other tips.

  • How To Study
    Provides links to sites on the Internet related to the subject of studying.

  • How-To-Study
    Clear information on study skills - preparing to study, developing better reading and listening skills, guidelines for creating flash cards, suggestions for further reading.

  • Improve Your Study Skills
    CAPS specializes in helping students solve personal, social, academic, and career problems. The page helps you to develop good study habits, preparing for exams and ten traps of studying.

  • So You Want to Improve Your Study Skills?
    An article to help you improve your study skills.

  • Sound Feelings
    11 Tips to improve your studying.

  • Study Guides and Strategies
    Study Guides for testing, reading, writing, and classroom participation. Guides available in many languages.

  • Study Skill Guides 2
    Links to learning strategies guides.

  • Study Skills Self-Help Information
    Comprehensive study-skills resource site.

  • Study Strategies
    Resources cover Time Management, Memory Techniques and Mnemonics, Planned Weekly Schedule, Motivation, Test Taking Strategies, etc.


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