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CDI College can give you the knowledge and training you need to get hired and succeed in the real world. Choose from morning, afternoon and evening classes at over 36 community based locations across Canada.
·Adult Education
·Agricultural Engineering
·Agricultural Sciences
·Asian Studies
·Astronomy and Astrophysics
·Behavioral Science
·Biological Sciences
·Biomedical Engineering
·Biomedical Sciences
·Business Administration
·Canadian Studies
·Cell Biology
·Chemical Engineering
·Chemical Sciences
·Civil Engineering
·Classical Studies
·Comparative Literature
·Computational Sciences
·Computer Engineering
·Computer Science
·Continuing Education
·Cooperative Education
·Criminal Justice
·Distance Education
·East Asian Studies
·Educational Leadership
·Electrical Engineering
·Elementary Education
·Environmental Engineering
·Environmental Sciences
·Exercise and Sport Science
·Extension Education
·Family Medicine and Community Health
·Fine Arts
·French Studies
·Geography and Geoscience
·Geological Engineering
·Geology and Earth Sciences
·German Studies
·Health Administration
·Health and Physical Education
·Health Sciences
·Hematology and Oncology
·Human Resources
·International Business
·Laboratory Medicine
·Law and Legal Studies
·Liberal Arts
·Liberal Studies
·Library Studies
·Material Science
·Materials Engineering
·Mechanical Engineering
·Media Studies
·Modern and Classical Languages
·Native Studies
·Nutrition and Food Science
·Petroleum Engineering
·Policy Studies
·Politcial Science
·Polymer Engineering
·Public Administration
·Pulmonary and Critical Care
·Recreation and Leisure
·Rehabilitation Science
·Religious Studies
·Secondary Education
·Slavic Studies
·Social Work
·Teaching and Learning
·Tourism Management
·Urban and Planning Studies
·Women Studies
·Writing Programs


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