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College and Academic Resources

College Survival: College guides to help you survive and thrive during college.

Essays and Papers: Tips and guides for writing drafts, essays and term papers in college.

Exams and Tests: Effective exams tips for succeeding in your tests in College.

General Tips: Tips to help you achieve success in College and in life.

Note Taking and Listening: List of listening and notetaking resources.

Class Presentations and Public Speaking: How to overcome the jitters of the dreaded Class Presentation.

Studying Tips and Guides: How to study efficiently and effectively.

Style Guides and Guides to Grammar: Improve your Essay or Term Paper through the use of Style Guides.

Reference Desk Resources

Email Addresses: Search for Email addresses around the world.

Maps and Directions: Search for Maps and Driving Directions.

Quotations: Search for Quotes and other famous or infamous sayings.

Search Engines: Search the Internet.

Thesauri: Search for synonyms and other related words.

Translations: Translate Text and Web Pages.

Telephone Numbers: Search the White Pages around the world

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Language Dictionaries

Subject Dictionaries

News and Media

USA Daily Newspapers

World Newspapers


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